Lens Extras

Lens Extras


Our lenses always include a scratch-resistant treatment as standard. But we’ve also got a great range of extras and treatments that will help to protect or enhance your lenses. Have a look at what we offer below


A beauty treatment for your eyes. The lenses improve the appearance and comfort of your glasses, especially with a high prescription.

  • Up to 40% thinner and lighter than standard lenses
  • Suitable for lightweight frames
  • UltraClear SuperClean included as standard

An enhanced anti-reflection and scratch-resistant treatment, with added benefits – so lenses attract less dust, stay cleaner for longer and are easier to clean.

  • Anti-reflection - Reflections are removed, giving the lens a clear and reflection-free appearance
  • Smudge-resistant - A new smudge-resistant layer means grease is less likely to be attracted to the lens, and makes cleaning your lenses easier
  • Super scratch-resistant - Offers far greater protection against scratching
  • Anti-static - A new anti-static layer makes the lens less likely to attract dust
  • Super hydrophobic - Offers greater water-repelling properties

A full sun and UV tint can transform your glasses. Choose from three fashionable colours (Green, Grey and Brown) to create your unique look.

  • Can relieve eye strain
  • See clearly in all conditions
  • Soften harsh, bright lights
  • Includes UV protection

Lenses that react to light. They’re clear indoors but darken like sunglasses in sunlight. So you only need one pair of glasses for all conditions.

  • React to light fast
  • Dark in sunlight, clear indoors
  • See clearly in all conditions
  • Plastic lenses, so lighter and safer than glass
  • 100% UVA and UVB blockage

Unlike ordinary sunglasses, anti-reflective lenses eliminate glare. Ideal for daytime driving, it will give you sharper vision behind the wheel. Once you’ve seen the difference, you won’t want to wear ordinary sunglasses again.

  • Eliminate glare
  • Contrast enhancing for safer, clearer vision
  • Improve vision and comfort
  • 100% UV protection and 95% of blue light
  • Won’t affect the visibility of traffic lights or signs
  • Great for driving