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Eye Conditions and Symptoms

Like short- or long-sightedness, astigmatism is a very common and treatable cause of blurred vision.
Red and swollen eyelids – particularly around the edges – that can be caused by an infection or a skin condition. It’s not serious but it can lead to further problems.
Cloudy patches in the lens of the eye, causing blurry, misty vision. Usually more common in people over 65.
Sometimes confused with a stye, a chalazion is often a painless swelling or lump that develops in your eyelid. It’s not serious, and will usually disappear on its own.
Cloudy vision
Unlike blurry vision, cloudy vision is when objects appear as if you’re looking through a cloudy piece of glass. It can also result in colour dullness and halos
Colour blindness
Or colour vision deficiency, happens when people find it diffiult to distinguish between certain colours. You’ll know it as colour blindess, but it’s very rare to be totally colour blind.
Computer eye strain
Computers are a big part of our everyday lives, but they can have quite an effect on our eyes. See our tips on how best to manage and reduce computer eye strain.